A downloadable game for Windows

Immunity Man!

Join Immunity Man in his quest to become the strongest, by absorbing only the most vile of germies. Beware, the orange viruses are dangerous!

Keyboard: Arrow keys or wasd to move, space to jump.

Controller: Left stick to move, a to jump.

To get combos, all you have to do is hit differently colored germs each time. While comboing, you get an extra jump after each bounce!

This game was made with Unity.

This was a game jam entry for Buswick, an online yearly game jam that you should totally check out! Although I had a week to work on it, this is not my best work. I had conflicting ideas, combined with over-ambition and over confidence and it led to a very mixed conception on what I wanted to make. But, this does showcase some music and animation I made for the game, albeit only a small amount.



Immunity Man.zip 10 MB